Gold German Ram 1 to 1.5"

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These are juveniles, picture is of adults.

The Gold German Ram is a beautiful golden (xanthistic) variety of the Blue German Ram which is a dwarf cichlid indigenous to Bolivia, Venezuela and Columbia. Our strain was originally exported to Germany in the late 1940s. We obtained the strain directly from german breeders and have since outcrossed with a very large and beautiful wild caught strain from Columbia. It is one of two members of the Genus Mikrogeophagus. It's species name is ramirezi. Full grown (and well fed) male adults can reach three inches long and 10 grams in weight. The Ram is a typical cichlid in that it is a pair-bonding, care-giving, somewhat territorial species. However it is an excellent community fish as it only requires a small space and gets along with most species. Our Rams have been show champions on many occasions. "

Scientific Name: Mikrogeophagus ramirezi

Family: Cichlidae

Origin: South and Central America

Compatibility with Planted Aquariums: Compatible.

Care and Handling: "Gold German Rams prefer warm(78-82F), soft (<150ppm or < 9 dGH), acid (ph 6.2-6.8) water. However, our Rams will thrive in a wide range of water conditions including temperature (72-88F), hardness ( 0 - 250 ppm), and PH (5.0-8.0). Rams are omniverous and will thrive on a diet high in protein including standard cichlid diets, flake foods, spirulina and any form of live, dried or frozen shrimp."