Electric Blue Johanni 1 to 2 inch

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Electric Blue Johanni Cichid

(Melanochromis johannii)

Distribution and habitat

The species is endemic to littoral zones on the east, Mozambique coastline of Lake Malawi, south of Chuanga. The species is popular in the fishkeeping hobby and is frequently kept in cichlid aquariums. In the aquarium trade, the fish is known as the bluegray mbuna or the electric blue johanni.


The species is highly sexualy dimorphic. Females and juveniles are yellow. The coloration of males is a combination of blue to purple and black, with one blue line running across the forehead, over the top of the eye and along the body above the mid-line, a second line appears below the mid-line.

In the aquarium

This fish is an mbuna cichlid that lives in alkaline water with the PH of 7 to 9. It is a tropical fish and lives in temperatures from 22 to 28 °C (72 to 82 °F). The hardness of the water range from 10-20.