Honduran Red Point 2 to 3 inch

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Archocentrus sp. "honduran red point" 

A rather new fish in the hobby. Scientists are torn between whether this is a new species or a form of Archocentrus nigrofasciatum. I believe it is a new species. This Convict type has brilliant hues in its fins and is a stunning cichlid. This species also seems to have a very different mouth structure than that of the common convict. This is no ordinary convict.

This fish was originally collected by Rusty Wessel on a collecting trip to Honduras.

There has been much debate about this fish and where it stands taxonomically speaking. Allgayer in 2001 created the genera Cryptoheros, with the type being Archocentrus spilurus. This description was poorly done. Schmitter-Soto published a paper that came out in 2008, Convicts were given their own genera, Amatitlania, composed of the four species and one undescribed species. Off the bat the genus Amatitlania was rejected by many scientists. Although there may be more than one species of Convict, the descriptions for the three new species are poorly done and in doubt. Because of this I leave this fish in Archocentrus until a proper review of the Convict Cichlids is completed.

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